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Privacy Policy

Nirei Industry Co., Ltd. recognizes the importance of maintaining personal data privacy in an advanced data communications society, and strives to preserve the privacy of personal data based on the following policy.

  1. Acquisition of Personal Data
    • Personal data will be acquired by legal and fair means.
  2. Utilization of Personal Data
    • ersonal data will be used within the range of the usage objectives indicated when the data was acquired, and use will be limited to the requirements for implementing the business.
    • In the situation where there is joint use of personal information with third parties, or when the personal data administration is commissioned to third parties, after conducting a strict investigation of the third party concerned, appropriate supervision will be implemented to maintain the confidentiality of the personal information.
  3. Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties
    • With the exception of situations where required under law, personal information will not be provided to third parties without obtaining the agreement of the owner beforehand.
  4. Administration of Personal Information
    • Personal information will be safely administered while maintaining the accuracy of the information.
    • To prevent the loss, destruction, unauthorized alteration or leakage of personal information, appropriate data security measures will be implemented against unauthorized access and computer viruses.
    • Leaks caused by taking or sending personal information out of the company will be prevented.
  5. Personal Information Disclosure, Revision, Halting of Use, and Deletion
    • Nirei Industry Co., Ltd. recognizes that the owner of the personal information has the right to request the disclosure, revision, halting of use, and deletion of their personal information. In the situation where such a request is received, Nirei will comply with the request swiftly and without objection.
  6. Organization and Systems
    • A personal information privacy administrator is appointed and appropriate management of the personal information is implemented.
    • Nirei executives and employees undergo study and training relating to the maintenance of personal information privacy and appropriate management methods, in order to thoroughly ensure the appropriate handling of personal information in their daily work activities.
  7. Definition, Execution, Maintenance, and Improvement of Compliance Program for Maintaining the Privacy of Personal Information
    • In order to implement this policy, a compliance program for maintaining the privacy of personal information (including this policy, the personal information regulations, and other rules and regulations) is defined. The compliance program is thoroughly implemented to become common knowledge among employees and other related persons, and the program is maintained and continuously improved.
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